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DAIS08: Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems (DAIS'08)

Distributed applications and interoperable systems have become an integral part of everyday living and hence, part of the socio-economic ecosystem of our human environment. With such pervasive distribution of software systems across a multitude of heterogeneous environments and user domains, distributed applications must support seamless provision of services as well as service evolution and adaptability to ensure long term sustainability. This support must go beyond the provision of individual services in isolation towards systems in which such services can interoperate and be integrated into the everyday environment catering for the changing needs of their users.

The DAIS conference is concerned with the following questions:

The DAIS conference series addresses all aspects of distributed applications and interoperable systems, including their design, implementation, operation and maintenance, as well as supporting middleware, experimental studies, and advances to software engineering methodologies and tools.

DAIS'08 is the 8th event in this successful international conference series, commencing in 1997. The conference will provide a forum to bring together researchers from academia and industry, vendors and users who are interested in reviewing, discussing and learning about the future of distributed applications and interoperable systems. DAIS has now been established as an annual event.

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